IGO Single Map – Europe

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iGO Navigation is not just a simple navigation software, but much more: NNG offers a 360° solution to navigation users. This means our online portal,www.naviextras.com, ensures that users can update their navigation system with updated maps, other content and software versions.

3D Landmarks

Enhance your maps with realistic 3D models of famous landmarks that can also serve as reference points during your travels!

Traffic Information (TMC)

Get notified of traffic events so you can avoid traffic jams and save yourself some time and money.

Speedcam Databases

You can get early warnings of fixed speedcams so you can avoid unpleasant and expensive surprises.

POI databases

Extend your device’s POI database so you’ll be able to find even the most well-hidden places during your travels!

3D Packages

Make your navigation easier and more enjoyable with 3D depictions of buildings and landmarks.