FIAT Ducato Multimedia and Navigation Unit




**Warning: You can easily plug and play our new infotainment system if your Fiat vehicle has factory installed DAIICHI radio or infotainment system. If your vehicle carries other manufacturer radio, you may have difficulty of using your steering wheel controls. If you are unsure you may always contact with us by email Please attach your dashboard photo when contacting us.

DAIICHI multimedia systems provide an ideal in-car experience, supporting a wide range of media formats and devices. The system’s enhanced sound controls ensure that all sources sound great.

The new system includes the integration of Apple CarPlay and the compatibility with Android Auto.

Apple CarPlay shows road directions optimised according to traffic conditions and can be used to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages and listen to Apple Music, audio books and podcasts while remaining focused on the road.

CarPlay also implements Siri voice control and is specifically designed for use in driving scenarios.
The system is compatible with Android Auto as well, to continue the Android experience in the car, by “projecting” apps and services on to the central display. It is designed to make retrieving information while driving easy and safe. The driver can use Google MapsTM or Waze to obtain route guidance and easily access music, multimedia contents and his or her favourite messaging apps.

Infotainment with Apple CarPlay integration and compatibility with Android Auto